Lamb Like None Other

Embracing a Sustainable Future for UAE lamb production

DESERT WHITE: Pioneering a Vision of Sustainability and Uncompromised Lamb Quality in the Middle East.

At the heart of DESERT WHITE lies an unwavering commitment to revolutionize meat production in the Middle East. Exclusively nurtured in the golden sands of the UAE for the discerning Middle Eastern palate, every detail of our process is rooted in sustainability, ethics, and unmatched quality.

Our exclusive production facility, nestled in the the deserts of Al Khaznah, ensures the purity of DESERT WHITE’s origin, maintaining a single, traceable source from the UAE.

For a product to don the DESERT WHITE seal, it must adhere to our meticulous standards:

  • Authentic Origin: Exclusively raised in the UAE, encapsulating the essence of the region.
  • Sustainable Nourishment: Grass-fed and grass-finished using sustainably sourced hydroponic feed. This ensures the minimum carbon footprint and a gentle touch on our beloved environment.
  • Ethical Rearing: Our feedlots are designed with utmost care to uphold practices that prioritize minimal environmental impact, reduced soil degradation, and efficient land usage. This modern approach offers an environmentally-conscious way to cater to the global demand for livestock.
  • Quality Checks:
  • Fat melting point maintained below 34 degrees for optimal texture and taste.
  • Absence of gamey or lamb smell, offering a pristine culinary experience.
  • Sacred Traditions: Halal-certified in a dedicated Middle Eastern abattoir. We uphold the essence of halal traditions with consistency and reverence.
  • Local Pride: Our products are not imported or transported across vast distances. This ensures the meat’s premium quality and reduces environmental impact.
  • Direct Delivery: Our promise is simple – from our farm to your table. This direct channel guarantees the pinnacle of quality.
  • Precise Standards: Adhering to regional preferences, our carcass weight does not exceed 24 KG and maintains a BCS score of 2.5 or higher.

Join us in our passionate journey as we redefine the future of sustainable lamb production, one plate at a time.

Welcome to the DESERT WHITE experience...

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